Why Every Rural Truck Owner Should Have A Cab

Many individuals find that it is a fun and rewarding experience to own a truck. However, for those who live in the country a truck is an essential piece of equipment that allows them to move from point to point, as well as transporting goods and conducting work that is often essential to living in such an area. It is often not practical for those who live in the country to drive a car because of the amount of work that is often Read more »

Are Truck Tire Chains Or Studs Better In Winter?

The decision between using studs and chains is largely a personal one. However, chains and studs each have advantages and disadvantages for a person who drives in snow and ice to consider. For those who don’t know, tire studs are small metal nubs that are inserted into the tread of a specially designed winter tire. Tire chains are devices that wrap around the wheel and provide sections of chain or cable that lies over the tire’s tread to provide additional traction. Both provide metal contact with the road surface which improves a tire’s grip on Read more »

The Best Truck Accessories For Hauling In Rural Regions

When you live in the country and far away from the nearest store, you must stock up on food, household items and anything else you might need. This is where owning a truck is a wonderful convenience. If you need building materials for a new deck, fence or patio, you can easily haul these items in the back of your truck. Truck owners should always carry rope inside their vehicle to ensure the load in the back is secured.

Maintain your truck to Read more »

The Top 5 Trucks To Consider Owning In 2013

A pickup truck offers a lot of versatility when you live in the country. Some trucks can even double as a daily-driver and a work truck. Here are the top 5 trucks that you should consider purchasing.

Dodge Ram 1500
This is arguably the most innovative new truck on the market. Although the Hemi engine is a powerhouse, the available V6 engine is a healthy balance of power and efficiency. The air suspension system guarantees superb comfort.

Ford F-150 Raptor
This muscular truck is built to conquer treacherous terrain. Its beastly 6.2-liter engine promises to never leave you Read more »

Why You Should Own A Truck In Mountainous Regions

There are so many reasons why you should own a truck in mountainous regions. One of the best reasons to own a truck is because they typically have more horse power. This increased power will allow you to navigate through the hilly and bumpy areas more easily than you can in a car or SUV.

The majority of trucks on the market are built to be banged around. This is another great reason to own a truck in the mountains.The full explanation can be found at Read more »

The Benefits Of Owning A Truck In Rural Areas

Although a car is great option for urban locations, a truck is often a necessity in rural areas. Here are the benefits of owning a truck in rural areas.

Ability to Go Off-road
Often times, rural areas have roads that are rough and rugged. Most cars do not have enough ground clearance to handle these challenging road conditions. On the other hand, trucks can pull through mud and sand with no problems. Mountainous areas that are prone to heavy snow absolutely need 4-wheel drive trucks, and these areas can produce some Car Insurance Prices that are quite high.

The country life offers a great opportunity for hunters and fisherman to have some fun. A truck is needed to haul boats and ATVs through the rough terrains. That truck will also come in handy when hauling that new sofa or load of mulch to your house. The strong engine of a truck handles these tasks with ease.

Mud Bogging
Mud Bogging, also called “mudding”, is one of the most popular hobbies of rural areas. The basic objective is to see which driver is the best at maneuvering through the muddy conditions. Many people modify their trucks with bigger tires and upgraded suspensions in an effort to get the upper-hand.